The Mom Who Stumbled Upon Autism

Sometimes, we just need an idea or two to make life easier.

I stumbled upon autism when my son was diagnosed at three: it’s been so many years now and I still feel this journey is so long.

Unlike many uplifting stories on the internet, our stories are perhaps a little dark. My son is considered on the severe end of autism. He would always need support.

I have been using Facebook as an outlet and thought I would share it with you here. I also tried to write up some articles to provide a more organized view of my ideas.

Latest Facebook Posts

Kiddo is turning 18 next year.I am terrified.I am anxious.I've known that he would always need support in his life, and I started doing my research and thinking many years ago. But I am still not prepared.I am not prepared to finally see that all my friends' busy sending their kids to universities, while I am trying to figure out what Kiddo would be doing when he leaves school.I am not prepared for the waves of emotions and fears that he would one day be quite alone without Husband and me. (Yes, I hope Princess will help, but there's really no guarantee, is there?)I am also not prepared of all the paperwork that I am starting to file for him, understanding the legal and moral implications of every aspect of his life. Where will he live? What will he do? Who will take care of him?Those 3 questions alone just drain every cell in my brain and all the energy in my body. I have a rough idea, but I have to start executing the tasks.And I do wish those who tell me "Why don't you…?" would start their questions with "Why don't I…?" See MoreSee Less
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"I'm sorry."I was stunned by her response.I met some nice ladies and of course, I talked about my kids. Of course, I told them Kiddo has autism.Then one of the ladies said, "I'm sorry".I smiled and said, "Oh…" I didn't quite know how to respond.Before you all get mad at the lady, she is a kind person. And she is a little older than me. And she meant no ill.I realized that I live in a bubble. People around me have learned so much about autism because I talk about it. You all hear me whining about wanting not to be aware of autism awareness. I have also dished out the good, the bad and the ugly of autism.But it is a big world out there. There are still some kind older ladies who don't have the fortune to meet a person like me until now. So, I smiled and told her, "Oh. But he can do so much." See MoreSee Less
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