The Mom Who Stumbled Upon Autism

Sometimes, we just need an idea or two to make life easier.

I stumbled upon autism when my son was diagnosed at three: it’s been so many years now and I still feel this journey is so long.

Unlike many uplifting stories on the internet, our stories are perhaps a little dark. My son is considered on the severe end of autism. He would always need support.

I have been using other social media, more specifically, Facebook, as an outlet for my thoughts and experiences. However for privacy issue, it is kept hidden from the rest of the internet.

Recently, I am starting a little plan that I would like to go over my notes and make my writing more readable and more public. Some of the information or experience are outdated, as we are knowing more about autism in the past decade. But I suppose, the mom guilt and the inadequate feeling I have about parenting, or the triumph we have is, however, ever lasting.