What Autism is Not

Autism is not a limitation, an excuse or temporary.

Autism is not a limitation.

If there is something someone with autism wants to do, they should not feel “I can’t do this because I have autism.” As parents or teachers, we could try to help finding out what are necessary to achieve the goals, and help them to progress towards the goals.

Autism is not an excuse.

Every individual can learn, even though it might take longer. At times, it is easy to fall back and say, “I give up. S/he is never going to get this right.” Our children might take longer to potty-train, to read and write, to understand simplest tasks, but they would eventually be able to do it.

Of course, there are days you would have to recognize limits. For example, for a non-verbal child, it might be difficult to “say” with his biological voice. Focusing on making sounds could be frustrating and defeating for the child.

However, we could help them to communicate using other means. There are many tools available: writing, PECS, AAC, or even sign language.

Autism is not temporary.

It is a life-long condition. What we can do is to continuously support those on the spectrum. As children develop, they might become more sociable and some would claim they “grow out of autism” (but not really).

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