Be Organized

To be organized is to save time and energy among chaos.

Life is usually chaotic, especially when we first start learning about autism.

There are so many different new things we need to research and study: how to find support and funding, how to talk to doctors and therapists, how to run daily errands on top of taking our kids to their appointments. The list goes on.

It is important to keep everything on track. Not only it helps to ease the anxiety, it helps us to save time.

Portfolio Folder

Get a thin binder and sheet protectors, where you can insert and take out the documents at any time.

Make a copy of the diagnosis letter, birth certificate, health card, and other information and put them inside the binder. Keep the original at home.

Make a binder for each child.

This way, when you need the detailed official information, it is all in the same binder. If you still need to go to offices to file various applications, all the information is there.

However, make sure you don’t lose the binder. Use a bright color binder might be a good idea.

Be Precise and Detailed on Applications

Before filing for any applications, such as funding and supports, think about what the staff who is going to process your forms: what do they need to quickly finish their job?

These people are probably going through many applications and they would probably appreciate detailed information necessary to the application.

So make sure the name and address are correctly printed. The purpose for the application is clearly stated. What are the details about your children that need assistance for? What do they have the most difficulties with?

Do you need to attach any supplement documents such as diagnosis, or proof of address?

Check all the items before you send the application in.

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