How-To MyDirectPlan

MyDirectPlan is used to file for reimbursement for those who are currently receiving SSAH or Passport Funding.

Other than sending receipts via email or fax, MyDirectPlan is used to file for reimbursement for those who are currently receiving SSAH or Passport Funding.

MyDirectPlan can be accessed online using your computer (, or as an app on your mobile devices.

For SSAH applications, the eligibility letter would be first delivered. However, it could take years before the actual funding letter to arrive. The funding letter would include the year, the amount of funding, and an authorization number.

Create a MyDirectPlan account

Once when you receive the funding letter, you will need to first create a MyDirectPlan account. After the account is created, you need to set up the profile for each child receiving the funding with the authorization number (See How to set up your MyDirectPlan account – SSAH Funding or How to set up your MyDirectPlan account – Passport Funding)

Expenses and Invoices

MyDirectPlan can be used for budgeting. Therefore, the reimbursement submission is a two-step process.

The first step is to create an “expense” for the item (See How to Add an Expense). The item could be a service or a product. It will have to be listed as an eligible item. (SSAH Eligible expenses or Passport Program guidelines)

Then you need to create an “invoice” to submit to the regional office. (See How to Submit your SSAH Invoice or How to Submit your Passport Invoice)

If you feel it necessary to explain a certain expense, I have also written a note, save as a PDF file, included in the “Attach File(s)” area when I create an expense. It is an efficient way to inform those who verifies and approves the funding.

Support Worker

MyDirectPlan allows a “verification” process with your support or respite worker. You need to first invite a worker with their email address. The worker would have to set up a MyDirectPlan account too. (See Manage Workers: Inviting support workers and approving hours)

Then when you create an expense and select the worker, the worker would be notified by emails and can then verify the service date and amount. While waiting for the worker to reply, you will see the expense marked as “pending”.

Once the worker replied and submitted the approval, you can then select the expense and create an invoice to submit.

It is the worker’s responsibility to report this income. The worker is also required to be over 18 years old and cannot be either parent.

MyDirectPlan has a YouTube channel to help with using the website and the app. See for more.

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